PHASYA – Drowsiness monitoring

phasya-drowsiness monitoring-occitania-connection.comPHASYA - Drowsiness monitoring

Phasya brings new drowsimetry and oculometry solutions to research, medicine, and industry with the aim of improving health and safety.

Our core business is mainly focused on software development for

  • extraction of parameters from physiological signals and images, in particular from eye images
  • monitoring of physiological/cognitive state of an individual, in particular drowsiness and vigilance, by analysis of physiological parameters.

Our customers benefit from the strong experience of our team in the development of hardware and software technologies for drowsimetry and oculometry as well as in their validation tests. Furthermore our high understanding of the various issues for the development and the test of complete solutions is a real asset for our customers who need tailor-made solutions.

Phasya S.A: WSL Building – Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais, 3 – B-4031 Angleur (Liège) Belgium

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