AIDS virus: good results, big hope

aids-virus-biosantech-contre-le-sida-occitania-connection.combiosantech un vaccin contre le sida

BIOSANTECH, created in April 2011 by Roger and Corinne Treger is an innovative company based in Sophia Antipolis in Valbonne Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur and aims to promote and develop an effective vaccine on all variants of the AIDS virus.

BIOSANTECH has an exclusive cooperation agreement with the CNRS and the University of Aix Marseille and owns the exclusive license for development and marketing CNRS patents TAT oyi. BIOSANTECH, has to date therapeutic vaccine the most advanced in the world to have been allowed to enter Phase II III necessary for commercialization. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine in patients infected with AIDS are underway. Hope for a therapeutic vaccine against AIDS with good results on 9 people.

The draft BIOSANTECH received support from the International Institute for Development and Support Innovative Research (IIDSRSI) led by Michel-Paul Correa and its Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Chermann which consists of 13 researchers and recognized experts the International.
Dr. JEAN DE MAREUIL, immunologist and virologist is the scientific adviser for the project and is responsible Biosantech analyzing biological data from sera from vaccinated patients.

Source: Biosantech

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